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The world-wide pandemic has had significant local consequences. Taft and surrounding areas have been hard-hit. Job losses and the closure of safety-net services have dramatically impacted the homeless community as well as created unexpected food insecurities in families with a sudden reduction in income.

Throughout the entire pandemic, Shar-On has stayed open and available. We have been fortunate to have served hot, delicious, home prepared meals every night, right on schedule. Certainly, we have had to adjust our operations. We follow all the recommended guidelines and have tested our team to ensure that no one is infected who is in contact with the public. To date, everyone has tested negatively for Covid-19.

We wear masks. We social distance. Our meals are individually packaged and served in to-go containers that were donated to us. In addition, the county generously has provided a hand-washing station. Now everyone who shows up for a meal has to wash their hands. For the homeless such basic functions, like hand washing, is deeply appreciated.

We feel it is critically important that in these uncertain times, there is a place you can count on
to be there for you. You can always count on Shar-On.

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