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In 2017, a few of us were talking about ways to get to know the people of Taft.  The suggestion was made to make and hand out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to people living in the neighborhood.  Within a few days, we were operational.  That was the beginning of the Sandwich Social.  Today, we are so much more than our humble pb&j beginnings.

Over the years, that simple idea has grown... and grown... and grown.

Sandwich social became the foundational program that Shar-On was built upon. Now several programs are offered benefiting the community in several ways.




We are headquartered in Taft, California, but we touch people wherever we are asked to help.  We receive no government funding.  We accomplish all that we do through private donations, gleaning food, food donations, and the help of angels – disguised as volunteers.

Our campus is owned by St. Andrews Episcopal Church.  Shar-On has no specific religious affiliation, but St. Andrews has associated with us for several years. The Diocese generously provides the space at a very low monthly cost.  We are eternally thankful to St. Andrews, and the invaluable support they have provided.

St. Andrews has enabled Shar-On to provide stability and consistency to the people and families we serve.  They can rest assured that every day they are going to get a great meal through our Sandwich Social program.  This is quite a change from the days that many of these same people would carry around ketchup packets in their pockets "just in case" no food was available that day.  This predictability and the environment of love and understanding have an impact on the people who participate in the programs.  Visitors to Shar-On always comment on the loving environment, the active participation by the collective toward community service, and the neatness and cleanliness of our campus and the surrounding area.




Shari Rightmer is the Executive Director and creator of Shar-On.  She is the spark that keeps the flame of passion alive through all the ups and downs of operating a non-profit.  She is supported by a Board of Directors. Members of the Shar-On community are invited to participate in leadership decisions after a period of time working with the community.  This community is inclusive and encourages people to step up and show their greatness.  Our team of volunteers is the foundation, the backbone, and the only way that this organization continues to grow and touch lives in a very intimate and positive way.


Shar-On has a committed Board of Directors that has the needs of the individuals we serve and the community as a top priority 

Shari Rightmer, Executive Director

Cathy Edgecom, Secretary

Miguel Mory, Treasurer

Karen Mathis

Mel Weinstein

Daniel Harrison

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