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Shari Rightmer empowers homeless and hungry in Taft

“While it seems like everyone is scrambling to figure out what to do in the face of the virus, Shari Rightmer has mobilized her homeless army to serve the Taft community.”

In his weekly Bakersfield Californian column, which he shared with us, Kern County District 4 Supervisor David Couch recently shone a spotlight on Rightmer. Her Laborers of the Harvest team—made up primarily of homeless people—has been making regular food deliveries to the food bank of our Mountain Communities Family Resource Center.

Rightmer’s staff is mostly made up of those she calls her ‘Homeless Heroes,’ who sort, pack, transport and distribute needed food.

Shari Rightmer tells The Mountain Enterprise that all but two of her staff who inventory, prepare, cook and distribute meals and food are deemed ‘Homeless Heroes,’ including cooks who have their Safe Serve certificates. The rest volunteer simply because they want to serve their communities.

Some of Rightmer’s staff wear T-shirts that say, ‘Doing Good for Nothing.’ They even bring cookies and cakes to Taft city council meetings.

This is part of the June 5, 2020 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.



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